UX Research makes your organisation smarter

Evidence-driven decisions, problems worth solving and de-risked solutions with maximum usability.

Good research uncovers problems worth solving

Evidence-based decision making

Researching your users lets you understand people’s context, goals, needs and pain points. When these user needs become transparent, you can make user-centered decisions to design products that people want to use, like to use and make and save money for your business.

Relevant innovations start with learning

Do you want to ensure your solution solves real user needs and is usable by your target audience, before releasing or even writing a single piece of code?

UX Research helps you battle-test your creations before releasing them. First, by grounding your work in real user needs. Secondly, by testing those ideas with your target audience before building or releasing them.

What do people need?

What are the users’ goals, their jobs-to-be-done? What’s their context of use and their workflow, their journey to get to their goals? How does that workflow create problems and unmet needs? Where are the pain points in their journey? What’s the scale of these issues and how big is the business opportunity to solve these?

Who are your users?

Once we know there are unmet needs, we need to put the spotlight on the people having those needs. What are their behaviours, motivations, expectations and habits? How big is your potential target group?


The outcomes you'll get

Good research gets the solution right before going live

Can people use it?

We create interactive prototypes to pinpoint usability problems and fix them before you release.

The difference between low and high usability products is massive:

Low usability products

  • High frustration, low satisfaction
  • Users lose valuable time and productivity
  • People go elsewhere, sales suffer
  • Complaints & support costs
  • Expensive rework after build

High usability products

  • People enjoy using your product
  • Efficiency gains all over
  • People stay, engage, and recommend you
  • Higher conversions and sales
  • Lower costs of support, training & documentation

Good research gets the solution right before going live

Do people want it?

We have research methods to de-risk the desirability of your value-proposition before a full release. We capture people’s first impressions, measure real user behaviour using experiments that mimick the real product and verify which version offers the highest conversion rates for your business.

The outcomes you'll get

ResearchOps: the backbone for good research

We operationalise your research so you can perform high-quality research studies repeatedly, efficiently and consistently.

Through ResearchOps, we can grow your team’s competency and provide you with the needed structure and tools for insight sharing using repositories, recruitment of participants, working together with other teams, and keeping your entire process compliant and reliable.

Want to make better decisions, uncover problems worth solving and get the solution right even before going live?