UX Design impacts your users and your business

Solid design foundations, stellar digital experiences and optimal user metrics through behavioural design.

Get the basics right through solid design foundations

Optimal fundability requires solid information architecture

In design, foundational work means mapping your information architecture.
We research how your customers group things, find things, and navigate key content and labels. These insights enable an intuitive taxonomy or sitemap.

The result? A future-proof information architecture where your users find exactly what they need.

Seamless digital interactions that get user's job done

Our designers constantly strive for the smoothest user flows that make your website, app, and tools stand out in even the most competitive markets:

  • We turn wireframes into interactive prototypes to put our designs to the test and ensure they can be used in an optimally effective, efficient and enjoyable way by your users.
  • We design user interfaces (UI design) that apply the right interface elements in a way that your users can intuitively understand and use.

Stellar digital design for engaging experiences

Visual design and digital aesthetics

When it’s time for that finishing touch, we’ll make your product stand out from the crowd by crafting visual experiences that look and feel delightful from their first use.
Our clients tell us their users report a sense of peace and productivity when using our designs. Minimal, highly functional design is Uflow’s trademark. Nothing to add and nothing to take away.

Behavioural design for meaningful behaviour change

What makes people click?

The ideal user doesn’t exist. We design for how people really are.

  • We research, to understand what makes your users tick and what makes them click: people’s core needs and motivators
  • We design, to actively influence your users’ digital environment towards more productive experiences for them and you.

The result? Positive changes in user behaviour that improves people’s lives and moves the needle for your business.

Minimising barriers + Maximising motivation =
Optimising conversion

Uflow’s certified behavioural designers strive to make your users’ experience desirable and effortless. We use key principles from cognitive science, social psychology and behavioural economics to maximise motivation and minimise barriers towards conversion optimisation:

  • Ruthlessly pinpoint and eliminate friction, barriers and pain points -> Lower effort for your users.
  • Create or boost drivers and benefits -> Higher desirability and motivation for your users.

Design system for consistency, speed and scale

No need to reinvent the wheel every time your company starts a new design project. We build design systems that operationalise harmonised use of design across your product, product family, channels and company. Consistency for your users, recognition for your brand, speed and cost savings for your business.

Design systems are a central ingredient towards a lean and effective DesignOps program and form the perfect latch towards Agile development. It creates a shared language between design, brand and development and ensures nothing gets lost in translation, so that you can deploy new designs quickly and consistently.

Want to create exceptional digital experiences that drive behaviour change and deploy fast?