E-commerce Allesvoorverwarming.nl

Helping users find the right heating equipment

Allesvoorverwarming.nl is a new Dutch e-commerce player selling plumbing, heating and bathroom equipment. The client asked us to design a user-friendly web shop and visual identity. The web shop’s primary target audience are people who are building or renovating their home.
Webshop AVV Key visual - Allesvoorverwarming.nl


During the research phase, it became clear that there was one big problem users faced when buying heating equipment. Due to lack of knowledge, they bought the wrong equipment for their renovation or building projects. This made users feel frustrated and resulted in too many returns. Not a lot of fun, returning radiators.

Our goals:

  • Help users buy the right equipment
  • No customer service interventions
  • Limit returns
Webshop AVV Wizard - Allesvoorverwarming.nl


We came up with a tool: a wizard to guide users in the right direction. We designed the wizard with simple questions and visualizations, making it relevant for every situation. The wizard results in the correct number of radiators needed for a specific room or heat requirement.

We put the wizard on the homepage of the web shop, above the fold.

We designed the web shop to serve the needs of the users in the best possible way. We tested the information architecture and key sections of the website, like the check-out flow, with real users.

Visual identity

Allesvoorverwarming.nl is a new brand. We developed a new visual identity from scratch, suitable for their highly competitive market.

WebshopAVV styleguide - Allesvoorverwarming.nl
Illustration uflow 300x300 - Allesvoorverwarming.nl

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