The Client

Immoweb is Belgium’s leading online real estate platform.
They have been revolutionizing the way people buy, sell, and rent properties and became a go-to platform for individuals, real estate professionals, and businesses alike.

In addition to their primary focus on property listings, Immoweb offers a range of complementary services. Users can access mortgage calculators, connect with real estate professionals, obtain property valuation estimates and more. With these features, they aim to facilitate informed decision-making throughout the real estate journey.

Component 4

Immoweb is part of Aviv Group, one of the largest digital real estate tech businesses and a subsidiary of Axel Springer. AVIV’s unique family of leading brands include some of Europe’s best-known digital real estate classified companies: SeLoger and Meilleurs Agents (France), Immowelt Group (Germany), Immoweb (Belgium) and Yad2 (Israel) which employ over 1500 people altogether.

Request & context

Since 2019, Uflow has been the research partner of Immoweb, focusing on improving their platform. We have since embarked on a comprehensive journey to conduct UX research, develop various UX strategies and implement UX design solutions to enhance Immoweb’s platform and complementary services, such as the mortgage calculator, property valuation tool, lead generation opportunities, etc.
Since 2021, Uflow has been working for the Aviv Group, overseeing & providing international UX services and working in close collaboration with Immoweb’s sister companies: SeLoger & Immowelt.

Component 3

Approach & process

Throughout the years, Uflow worked out elaborate UX approaches, which involved multiple phases and close collaborations between our own team & the various teams of Immoweb & Aviv.

UX Research

Conducting in-depth user research to gain insights into user behaviours, pain points, and preferences. This included user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to identify areas of improvement.

UX Strategy

Developing a holistic UX strategy that aligned with Immoweb & Aviv’s business goals and user needs. This involved defining user personas, customer journeys, and UX principles that guided the subsequent design actions.

UX Design

Implementing various design actions, including information architecture improvements, wireframing, prototyping, and iterative testing. The designs were created with a user-centred approach, focusing on simplicity, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing interfaces.

Iterative Improvements

Continuous collaboration and feedback loops between Immoweb, Aviv and Uflow ensured that the designs and improvements were refined based on real-time user feedback and data analysis. This iterative approach ensured the best possible UX outcomes.

The Outcome

Some of the results & outcomes we’ve played our part in.

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Enhanced homepage & property search engine

A streamlined search process, improved filtering, and optimized search results to provide users with accurate and relevant property listings.

Vector outcome 1
Vector outcome 2
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Revamped property listings and details pages

Redesigned property listing pages to showcase key information, high-quality visuals, and interactive elements that aid decision-making for potential buyers.

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Research reports & evaluations regarding the perceptions & user needs for complementary real estate services

E.g. complementary tools, such as an online mortgage calculator, a property valuation tool, a price map, etc.

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Increased lead generation for Immoweb’s professional partners

Improved the property valuation tool to generate quality leads for real estate agencies, thereby strengthening Immoweb’s partnerships with these agencies.

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Competitive Advantage

Immoweb’s platform differentiates itself in the market by providing a superior user experience & tools compared to its competitors, resulting in higher user retention and the attraction of new users.

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Vector outcome 6
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Record profits for Immoweb

Thanks to the new & revised property valuation tool. They increased their revenue with a rise of 4% compared to the year before.

The future

Based on the positive outcomes achieved so far, Immoweb, Aviv & Uflow are committed to their long-term partnership. Our future collaboration will focus on continuous improvement, introducing more innovative features, and staying ahead of evolving user expectations and industry trends. This way, Aviv & Immoweb can continue offering their users great experiences and drive further business growth.


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